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    I have many ideas to create a large spawn and a role game to make more interesting game.


    Daniel S

    But there are about 65 people that can get on in total, and we can’t have a 65 player roleplay. I mean, if you can do it and everyone shows up in coordination, I guess it could work.


    Jose Luis

    If you use “not minecraft server” you can add a money plugin, then you earn money digging, selling resources ….
    is not a roleplay but is good to improve the game



    I like the idea, but not for the Sirenuse server, which seems to be more of a survival with a bit of interaction with others server. Maybe for another sever though!



    I could see having some kind of mini RPGs in another dimension and having scheduled game times. I plan to have a server-side mod called dimension rules which will allow us to specify different game rules for different dimensions. I’m thinking we’d have PVP turned off in the overworld, but we could have a PVP dimension with PVP games or whatever. We could even have a dimension where griefing is allowed and people who are interested can build and destroy each others fortresses.



    Those sound like pretty awesome ideas Danny. I didn’t even know you could do rules based on dimensions. Whatever you need, I guess there’s always a mod for it LOL. I like the idea of PvP off in the over world. I’m not the biggest fan of PvP but I know some people love it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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