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    Looking to play on the server with all of you but not sure how to get white listed… I have the launcher installed and the server on my list ready to play. 🙂



    Hi tryan3d. You should be whitelisted within a week or so depending on how well the server handles things. You’ll get an email with all the details. I look forward to meeting you on the server!



    Thanks Danny, looking forward to your email. Meanwhile I am playing single player to get familiar with the modpack.



    Hey tryan,
    Which modpack are you mainly playing on? i am using unreal tech on singleplayer as i have yet to be whitelisted as well.
    Have you done anything complicated techy stuff?
    I am a total noob btw =P
    Can’t wait to meet you on the server!



    Hey Dark,
    I am using the same modpack “unreal tech”.
    Looking into Actually Additions first and doing some exploring.
    I already know Mystical Agriculture so getting started on that as well.
    See you on the server….

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    Ahh that is great!
    I am loving the Actually additions modpack and concentrating on doing things associated with them. FYI: Ellpeck; creator of Actually additions plays on the servers, which is pretty cool in all honesty.
    I don’t know a single thing about Mystical Agriculture but i ahve been getting things for later use.
    Tell me when you get on the server, i have yet to be whitelisted =|.

    Dark, =D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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