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    I was cruising through youtube with my ship and found Danny & Son’s youtube channel. I decided to get into modpacks this day as well. A bit about me:
    i am in my late teens,
    i am a good overall VANILLA player(thus i want to get into modpacks),
    i am British
    i talk A LOT so please don’t feel like it is a spam.
    I am friendly =D
    I am a total noob with modpacks(i will need help),
    I am a massive Arrowverse fan (DCTV shows) and shadowhunters show is also pretty cool,
    i draw from time to time and i would say they look good!
    I was trying to install the Unreal Tech modpack but the server status area’s link leads to an error 404 page not found.
    I hope this is fixed! 0-0



    Nice to meet you DarkFlash! I think these servers are a great place to learn about the mods. There are lots of helpful people, including me sometimes. 😉

    Sorry about the 404 error. It should be working now. I accidentally used a relative path, so it was working from the home page but not from any other page.

    I look forward to meeting you on the server. You should be whitelisted fairly soon.



    Hey Danny,
    Yeah the link is fixed now and at the current time, my modpack is installed and ready to go =D.
    just waiting to be whitelisted and also; i am pretty sure whitelisting doesn’t take THAT long right? or is it different because it is a modded server? Just want to know




    Technically, whitelisting only takes a few minutes, but we have to throttle our whitelisting in order to keep from overloading the server. This is largely because the server is heavily modded. Too many players doing too many complex tech builds at the same time can cause serious lag and stalling issues. But, I should have you whitelisted this week!



    ahh ok that makes sense now, thanks for explaining. Will i get an email for the discord chat when i get whitelisted?

    I have been playing the modpack Unreal tech in my single player world and i like it so far as it is fresh compared to simple vanilla. i am loving the experience but i have not done anything complicated or simple modpack stuff except craft an Aiot so… yeah =D

    End of the week as in by sunday or by friday? 0-0

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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