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    Hey, I’m Kieron. I doubt you guys are still looking for members, but in the off chance you were I figured may as well try. I’m a super easy to get along with person, and can talk to anyone as though they were my best friend. I’m currently in my 12th year of schooling, so attendance won’t be easy for me (however if I cut out some of my league of Legends time I’m sure I could manage lol). I love all magic mods, but tend to lean away from science (working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone). I’d really enjoy being apart of this community to give myself a reason to do large scale builds without the fear of a world reset (I hope). Regardless of how my application goes I’m happy for the consideration. ~Owl/Kieron



    Welcome Keiron! You are whitelisted as of today and should have gotten an email with details. I look forward to meeting you on the server and seeing some large scale builds. 😉

    Unfortunately, we can’t promise there won’t be any world resets. We don’t reset just for the fun of it, but we did have an issue recently which forced us to reset server 1. But, we are learning from past mistakes, have a few new rules in place that should help prevent that, and we back up very frequently, so hopefully we can prevent that from happening again.

    FYI: the All The Mods 2 server doesn’t have much for magic mods yet. It does have some fun mods, but if you want magic, you might have more fun on server 1.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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