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    Well, people who have been on the server eith me probably know me a little but here is a bit about me.

    Obviously my name is Henry, i live in arizona so its usually too hot to do much outside so ive chose to not leave the house, even for work,so i work from home with “gaming console support.” Before that I had my own custom computer building buisness and in my ample spare tine ran many many game servers

    I believe i have been playing for nearly 7 years(wow) and will definitely say the best game i have ever played in minecraft was “last man standing” it was an offshoot of minez with the goal to kill everyone else in an arena. I was 4th overall on the leaderboard before they reset it and killed the game mode shortly after 🙁

    Im currently an admin On the server and, gladly, have not had to use the allowed powers so far but if you see me on and need some help, even just getting stuff You lost on death and its being protected by some evil genius mob or under lava, Im willing to help.

    I was planning on adding pictures but im on mobile between calls so… You can forgive that



    I know we’ve already met and you posted this a really long time ago, but anyway, it’s nice to meet you again.

    I live in Wisconsin where it’s usually too cold to go outside, so I kind of know what that’s like. I get pretty restless though if I don’t get out regularly, so don’t be surprised if I come visit you in the middle of winter sometime. 😉

    Maybe sometime, we can set up some kind of PVP mini-game server or something.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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