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    Start next month I’m am going to be build the Acropolis of Athena to real life scale the first thing I’m going to build is the Parthenon i just did not had time to start it because of school but with it the school term ending next month i now have time to start it so just to give everyone a sense of how big the Parthenon is the height is 13.75 meters (45 feet), the size of it is 69.5 by 30.9 meters (30.9 by 101 feet), the cella that the inside of it is 29.8 by 19.2 meters (98 by 63 feet) there 69 outer columns and 21 inward columns that the real life size for the minecraft build i round all of it up by one so i hope it won’t be to big a issuse when i start build it the only mods I’m use is chisel for marble and architecture craft I’m build all of this on a build world that i made then after I’m done build the Parthenon i start build the rest of the Acropolis of Athena



    Sounds awesome! Have you started yet? Keep us posted on your progress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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