FTB Beyond, Whitelists & Disasters

We will soon have a third server to play on which will have the FTB Beyond modpack. I will be sending out invite emails this week to spawn builders, and we will be starting the spawn build this Friday, March 24th at about 6:00 PM CDT. I hope to have the server open for survival play early next week.

Those of you on the waiting list for the whitelist may have to wait a little longer until the third server is ready as our existing servers are struggling with the current load. I hope to start adding more people to the whitelist some time next week. There are quite a few people on the waiting list right now, so unfortunately, some of you may have to wait much longer.

In the meantime, we will be attempting to troubleshoot stalling issues we’re having with play 2 which seem to only happen when certain players’ bases are loaded. Some mods may be lost in the process. Rollbacks are remotely possible as well. We knew this would be an extremely unstable pack with some potential for disaster, so here it comes. Are you ready? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

4 thoughts on “FTB Beyond, Whitelists & Disasters”

  1. This server seems great from what I have seen from Andrew.’s live stream. It has a great size with a player base that will eventually grow to a size with a stable amount of constant player interactions and a nice community. I hope that I will eventually get whitelisted on this great growing server.

    1. Hey Mathew. We do have a pretty great community in my opinion. Do make sure you fill out the registration form on this website. That’s how you get added to the waiting list to get whitelisted on the server.

      1. Hey Danny, if I haven’t already posted a comment of me being on the waiting list yet here it is (again?) So i applied for Mod but no need to accept idc if you don’t accept <3. I was just wondering how i can come onto the server cause when i try joining it says not whitelisted so Send me an email saying i'm whitelisted or something my email is austinlovesminecraft711(at)gmail(dot)com
        I also registered so yeah hopefully you can read this also this server looks amazing i forgot i also want to be whitelisted on SERVER:3 or all 😀 thank you for reading this if you did love you hopefully more people can love and support this server to <3

        -Sincerely, Austin

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