FTB Beyond World Downloads & Other Updates

Some of you already know that we’ve been beta testing a new modpack that should be ready… oh, about a month ago or so.

In the meantime, since no one was playing on the FTB Beyond servers, I’ve taken them down in order to free up resources for our testing server and our soon-to-be new server. Here are the world downloads, if you are interested:

FYI: These files are not small.

Once the new pack is ready,Β the new server will go live, and I will start streaming again. At that same time, I will be whitelisting a few new users and inviting you all to join. We may have to limit the number of people on the server to keep the load reasonable, and it will be mostly first-come-first-serve, though I may prioritize contributors and those who have not yet played on a server with me.

You will definitely here more about it here and on my channel once we get close to the release date.

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