Play Style

How quickly do you like to progress?

I' m pretty fast. I like to focus on progression.

How do you like to gather resources?

I like to have a lot of everything but I like to automate limits.

Modpack Playthrough

I put a lot of work into my builds and like to keep worlds alive as long as possible.

Other comments on my playstyle:

I have a very 'strict' play style that i have stuck to over the years. By joining this community i hope to break that trend, allowing me to change up how i play minecraft in general.




Minecraft Username


YouTube Username

hayden rogers

Favorite SMP Activities

Building, Tech Tinkering, Magic, Collaborating, Socializing


Friendly minecraft player, who loves to colaborate with others, especially when teaching people stuff. Great at automation, and creating systems so i dont have to do anything ;D!

Favorite Mods

Draconic Evolution, Ender io



How much do you plan on playing?

Are you kidding? More than that!

If interested in a role on the server, please fill out the following:

Moderator, Builder, Admin

Other Role

Wouldnt mind any role really, as long as the role is explained to me.

Comments / Experience

Pro-Minecraft player, with over 1000 hours on vanilla and modded minecraft. I work mainly on tech mods, but i do know alot, including the newer mods in the pack.