Real Tech Server Poll

Our new Real Tech server is scheduled to open this Saturday, 20 March. I am debating on whether to use the full Real Tech pack or the Real Tech light pack. If we use the Real Tech Light pack, I plan to add a few mods to that pack.

The advantages to using the light pack are that people with less powerful computers will be able to play without lagging like crazy, and the server itself will be less likely to lag over time. Obviously, the disadvantage is that we’ll be missing out on some mods.

Here is a list of mods in the Real Tech pack that are not included in Real Tech Light. There is an asterisk next to those mods I’m likely to add if we go this route:

Better Foliage
Biomes O’ Plenty
*Building Gadgets
Cloche Call
Colossal Chests
Cyclops Core
Dynamic Surrounding
*Engineer’s Decor
*Exotic Birds
Ferdinand’s Flowers
*Flat Colored Blocks
*FTB Library
*FTB Utilities
Immersive Vehicles (MTS)
ItemPhysic Lite
JEI Bees
Just Enough HarvestCraft
Light Level Overlay Reloaded
Not Enough Wands
Pam’s HarvestCraft
*Project:Vibrant Journeys
Sound Filters
*Stack Up!
Transport Simulator – Official Vehicle Set

Most of these mods are extra frills that don’t affect the feel of this pack significantly. There are a couple that some of you will be reluctant to go without, and I’m open to your feedback. But, let me briefly explain my reasoning on a couple that I found difficult to decide on.

Pam’s HarvestCraft – There are many food options in this pack even without this mod. It is quite large, adds a ton of items, world gen and other overhead to the game. It also stresses the balance of the game by making food trivially easy. Aside from the annoying gardens spamming the world, I really love this mod, but it’s questionable whether the overhead is worth the game play benefits.

Forestry – It’s already a stretch to have this mod in the Real Tech pack. Many of the machines are “magic block” machines. And bee breeding is just silly for Real Tech. On the other hand, the tree breeding is great, and some of the machines fill some convenience gaps in the pack. But again, it’s a huge mod with a lot of overhead. So, whether it’s worth it for the benefits is questionable.

Please vote on the Danny and Son community page.