Server 3 Corruption

Sadly, we have experience some nasty block id related world corruption on our new FTB Beyond server. And sadder still, I wasn’t aware of the problem until several hours after it began, so I’ve had to roll the server back 14 hours to the last good backup. Anyone who has played today will be losing their progress, and there really isn’t any reasonable action I can take to fix that.

You can download the corrupted world here if you want to grab schematics of any builds you may have done. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided not to attempt to restore items. Since everyone has lost their progress, and there is no easy way for me to restore everything, it’s best if we just pick up where we were. I know this sucks, and I’m really sorry.

I have disabled the FTBU chunk loading as it has been crashing our server frequently and is at least partly responsible for this corruption problem. That means we have no chunk loading capabilities currently. We will probably have to add Chicken Chunks to the server. I really wanted to avoid having to modify the pack, but there just aren’t any reliable and configurable chunk loading options available in FTB Beyond as is.

Hopefully, this was a fluke and we will never see this problem again. But, if you do see any strange blocks in the world, or if blocks have been replaced with other blocks, please tag me in Discord right away. If I can fix it right away, I can roll back to an hourly backup rather than rolling back so far.

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