Server Goes Live Today!

Our new server with the Integrated Progressions modpack goes live today around 6:15pm US Central Time (11:15pm GMT). If you have been whitelisted on any of the servers, you will automatically be whitelisted on this one. But, we may have to limit the number of players to prevent server overload. If this happens, I’ll open up another server in the near future.

Please read the rules, guides and tips posted at spawn before playing. We no longer have restrictions about base distances or chunk loading. But, the rules about automation and hoarding are more strict than previously. We don’t want this server to die an early death. These rules are hard to enforce, so I’m trusting in you to be a good Minecraft citizen and come up with creative builds that work within the guidelines.

I will also be starting a new stream series on this server. My first stream will be tonight at 6:30pm CDT (11:30pm GMT) on my new Danny and Son Twitch channel. I’ll be basing with ArcusM who will be streaming at ArcusM Gaming. The stream will be recorded and posted to my Danny & Son YouTube channel afterwards.

For the server address, server status and current modpack version, see the sidebar to the right.

I’m really excited to be able to play with you all again!

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