All Servers for All Players!!!

Whitelists and user data on all 3 FTB Beyond servers is now synched!!! So, you can now visit players and builds on the other servers. And, when you connect to the other servers, you will have all your stuff! So, you can share and trade items, shop at the shops (if we get any), help each other with builds and everything!

Please only maintain a base on your home server. And, there are a few things to look out for:

  • The player data syncs about once per minute. So, if you disconnect from one server, you may want to wait about a minute before connecting to another server or you could lose anything you’ve gained within the past minute.
  • This is experimental. If you run into problems, let me know right away by tagging @admin on the discord server. Everything is backing up, but the backups are maintained for a limited time.
  • Your Angel Ring will only work on the server where you are generating GP. Wings of the Bat, Jetpacks and such should work on all servers.
  • Anything linked to things in the world will not work on the other server: i.e. remote storage tablets, mana mirrors, charged porters, etc.
  • You will end up in the exact same location when you go from one world to the next. If there’s something there, you could suffocate, so I’d recommend going to spawn before leaving one world and entering another.

Have fun exploring the other servers! Of course, feel free to check out our base on play3. You can take the matter transmitter from spawn or ride the train! I look forward to having more visitors!