FTB Beyond Servers Are Ready

We now have 3 FTB Beyond servers live and I will be sending out whitelist invitations this week. But, I need your help with one more thing before I can complete the whitelisting.

I’ve added a new section to your profile that basically has a few multiple choice questions about play style. These questions will help me to set up the servers to fit your play styles better rather than trying to get everyone to follow the same rules that might not fit their style.

Go to your profile (you can click your name in the right sidebar), click “Profile”, then “Edit”, then the “Play Style” tab. Then, select the three best answers. You will need to be logged in to this site in order to do this. Keep in mind, there are no wrong answers. This will not affect whether or not you will be whitelisted. It’s just to help me set up the servers to best fit your style and decide which server you would enjoy playing on most.

I will be playing on all three servers on a rotating basis, so I should get to play with everyone eventually. It should be fun for me to try out some different play styles. I’ll also be visiting all servers frequently to say hi and check out the builds. And of course, all three servers will have synchronized chat and will be using the same Discord server. So, it’s all one community. 🙂

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