• Danny replied to the topic Integrated Progressions – and Java in the forum Server Discussion 2 years, 10 months ago

    The Minecraft version should be 1.12.2 with forge version It’s not enough to have 8 GB of RAM. You have to make sure that 4-6 GB of RAM are specifically allocated to Minecraft. In MultiMC, you’ll need to go into the instance settings and set the memory. By default MultiMC sets the max to 1024 MB which isn’t nearly enough. Try setting the minimum to 1024 MB and the max to 6144 MB.
    This modpack is small to medium sized by today’s standards, but it’s still fairly demanding. So, your frame rate won’t be great if you don’t have a newer machine with a decent video card. But you should be able to get way better than 1-2 fps if java has enough memory.