Sirenuse and (FTB) Beyond?

Our Sirenuse server has been pretty quiet since we updated the 1.11.2 pack on server 2. So, I’ve been thinking this might be a good time for a change. I’d like to switch the pack to FTB Beyond.

The bad news is that we’ll lose Random Things and probably a few other mods. The good news is that we’ll gain several other mods and a more stable pack that’s maintained by a team of pack developers rather than just me when I get around to it. Plus, it just looks like a really fun, well-balanced pack.

I’m not sure how well it will perform on our server compared to Sirenuse just based on how many mods there are, but rumor has it, this pack performs quite well.

What do you think?

Edit: Turns out there’s no Biome’s O Plenty or RFTools Dimensions. We’ll also be losing Advanced Generators, Furnus, Random Things, Ender Zoo, Bagginses, many of the Quark blocks, Malisis Doors, Quantum Flux, NeoTech, Progressive Automation, Chicken Chunks, Just Jetpacks and Random Utilities. I don’t really have a problem with losing most of them, but losing RFTools Dimensions, BOP and Chicken Chunks will be a game changer.

7 thoughts on “Sirenuse and (FTB) Beyond?”

  1. That might’ve been the best idea you’ve ever had! JK 😛
    But it is on the top for sure… What the heck am I saying??? :face_palm:

    All this to say that I think we should switch to FTB Beyond. 🙂

    1. iEnergy is bias, but I think he’s right. I’m definitely looking for something to do that’s more stable since S2 still has the constant lag issues. Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to start fresh on S2 as well, but maybe with the same pack. 😛

      1. He might be a little biased, maybe. 😉 If we were to start fresh on play2, it would be with a different pack. That pack is an accident waiting to happen. lol. It is fun though.

    1. I plan to start the spawn build this Friday. I’ve decided to start a new server, so the few people playing Sirenuse can continue. The new Beyond server should be open for survival play sometime next week.

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