Sirenuse and (FTB) Beyond?

Our Sirenuse server has been pretty quiet since we updated the 1.11.2 pack on server 2. So, I’ve been thinking this might be a good time for a change. I’d like to switch the pack to FTB Beyond.

The bad news is that we’ll lose Random Things and probably a few other mods. The good news is that we’ll gain several other mods and a more stable pack that’s maintained by a team of pack developers rather than just me when I get around to it. Plus, it just looks like a really fun, well-balanced pack.

I’m not sure how well it will perform on our server compared to Sirenuse just based on how many mods there are, but rumor has it, this pack performs quite well.

What do you think?

Edit: Turns out there’s no Biome’s O Plenty or RFTools Dimensions. We’ll also be losing Advanced Generators, Furnus, Random Things, Ender Zoo, Bagginses, many of the Quark blocks, Malisis Doors, Quantum Flux, NeoTech, Progressive Automation, Chicken Chunks, Just Jetpacks and Random Utilities. I don’t really have a problem with losing most of them, but losing RFTools Dimensions, BOP and Chicken Chunks will be a game changer.

Server 2 Is Finally Running 1.11.2!

We’ve finally moved on from the outdated ATM2 v0.24 pack for 1.11 on server 2. But, we had to put our own pack together to do it. The new pack is called Unreal Tech, and is essentially a branch from ATM2 v0.24 but for 1.11.2 and with many mods added, removed and/or tweaked.

For now, this is a private pack for Curse that you can download from the link in the server status area and then import into your Curse launcher. I eventually may post this publicly to FTB/Curse, but for now, keeping it private will allow us to update it more quickly.


  1. Download the zip file from the link in the server status area to the right.
  2. Open Curse and go to the Minecraft tab.
  3. Click to “Create Custom Profile.”
  4. Click the “Import” link text near the top of the dialog that appears.
  5. Navigate to the zip file you downloaded.

It should then download all the mods and install the correct forge version for you.

New Pack for Server 2

Since All The Mods 2 is not updating with the mods that we need, I am working on a new private modpack for our Play2 Server. This is loosely based on ATM2 and has every mod we were using previously. I added a few extras too, such as EvilCraft. And of course, because it’s modeled after ATM2, this pack is not designed for balance. It’s just a bunch of cool mods. Check out the mod list below and let me know what you think.

I do not plan to add more mods than this unless I missed something really important. Please don’t bombard me with mod suggestions. This pack is already quite large, we need to save room for Ender IO, Botania, Blood Magic and possibly Thaumcraft, and I don’t want to push our server too hard. There are a few mods I think we can get rid of though, and I’ve colored them red below. Please let me know if you were using any of them or plan to use them. If there are objections to removing a mod, I will not remove it. If there are any other mods you think could be removed, let me know that too.

2 Servers Are Live!

We now have 2 servers to play on. We have our brand new Minecraft 1.11 server using the All The Mods 2 modpack ( And our original 1.10.2 server with Danny’s Sirenuse Pack which has been reset to just after the spawn build was complete (

The All The Mods 2 pack is a light pack and does not have as many mods as the Sirenuse pack, but the mods it has are a lot of fun to play. Be aware that Infernal Mobs and Blood Moons do add a little extra challenge to survival play.

I will be playing and recording on the 1.11 server, but plan to visit the Sirenuse server once in a while too. Both servers are synchronized with the same Discord chat channel so chat activity between the servers will be synched.

I will be adding more players to the whitelist now that we have two servers and more powerful hardware. Please be sure to read and follow the server rules so our servers don’t crash and burn like our last one. Also, if you can afford to help cover the costs of our servers, please consider making a donation here.

Here is the download for the “old world.” The world download comes with no guarantees. It may or may not work for you and may cause lots of problems. But, if nothing else, you could get schematics of your builds or possibly disable some mods to get things to work for you.

All The Mods 2 Server is Ready!

Our second subscriber server is up and ready for play. Everyone who was whitelisted on the previous server is now whitelisted on the new server. Please be sure to read the server rules when you connect as they will hopefully save our server from the early death our last one experienced.

We are still working on setting up the old world for the Sirenuse pack and hope to have it ready within the next couple days. So, we will have two server options! Hurray!

As soon as both servers are up, I will be adding more people from the waiting list.

Server address:
Modpack: All The Mods 2 v0.24 (Minecraft 1.11)

New 1.11 Server!! (and vote on fate of the old world)

We have a new server that’s nearly ready with a new world using the All The Mods 2 modpack for Minecraft 1.11. Everyone who has already been whitelisted will be automatically whitelisted on the new server. Details of the new server will be posted here when it’s ready.

We also plan to restore our old world for anyone who wishes to play there with the Sirenuse Pack for 1.10.2. For this to work, we’ll have to roll that server back to before our current problems began. We have two options right now, and I’m interested in your opinions.

  • Option 1: Roll the world back to the beginning, right after we built spawn. This will allow everyone to start over cleanly with new rules that should help prevent the world from crashing and burning so quickly.
  • Option 2: Roll the world back to 11/14/2016. The is the most recent backup we have that doesn’t have the stalling problems that we have now. We were already experiencing some significant fps problems at that time, but it wasn’t stalling out like it is now.

Please share your vote in the comments.

I’m looking forward to playing with you all again soon!

Things Are Not Looking Good

We’re continuing to troubleshoot the stalling problem in our world, and things aren’t going very well. As much as I hate to use the ‘r’ word, the possibility of a server reset is real at this point.

When playing a heavily modded server with many unstable mods and lots of people, it’s almost inevitable to run into problems like this. But, I was hoping it wouldn’t happen so soon. I still have a few possible fixes to try. I haven’t given up quite yet.

Server & Whitelist Status Update

The server has been up for over a month now and things are going okay. But, as we add more people and we all progress in the game, tps lag has increased. I’ve stopped adding new players to the whitelist while we try to fix this.

I’m testing our world on a more powerful server, and it is performing a little bit better there. However, this will only delay the problem a little, and sadly, we need to add some rules to make a real difference. It sucks, but I think those of us playing on the server lately are willing to make a few sacrifices to get rid of the lag.

Are you ready?

  • Chicken Chunks chunk loaders now only load chunks for 2 hours after the player exits.
  • Extra Utilities chunk loaders have been disabled because offline use is not configurable.
  • AFK players will be kicked. This is a manual process and a pain, so please help us out and exit the game when you are not playing.
  • RFTools Dimensions will be limited to 2 per player. You can create as many temporary dimensions as you want, but pick 2 that you want to keep so the rest can be deleted.

Some of these may seem painful, but it just means we have to be more creative. Instead of having a different dimension for each resource, have one with multiple features using multiple resources. Instead of setting up a quarry and going afk, plan things so that your quarry (or farm, or bees) can work while you are doing something else.

I want to keep the server as least restrictive as possible, but I’m really enjoying playing with you all on the server, and I want to keep it going for as long as possible!

Server/Modpack Update

A modpack update will be posted within the next day or so. Be sure to check the website to see which version the server is running. It may take me a day or so to update the server once the new pack version goes live. This update is mostly just a maintenance update with several mod updates, some bug fixes and a few new features. The only new mods are Clipboard and Akashic Tome.

More than half of you have been whitelisted so far. I will be continuing to whitelist people on a first-come first-served basis over the coming days. You will receive an email from me when you have been added. Be sure to check your spam folder. Since I’ll be BCCing the message, and it contains a link to our Discord chat server, it may have a higher than normal likelihood of being flagged as spam.

So far, things are going great on the server. Aside from a few reported lag spikes (which I personally haven’t experienced), the server is handling the load well so far. The server community has been very friendly, helpful to each other and vivacious! Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun, including me. 😀

Server Is Live!

Hurray!! The server is live and we’ve begun whitelisting for survival play. I have so far sent whitelist invitations to the first 10 people who signed up in addition to the spawn builders who had been whitelisted previously. I will continue to whitelist people on a daily basis as long as the server shows no signs of balking.

Extra, extra special thanks to Ellpeck for slamming out an amazing mod at the last minute that allows us to protect our spawn area and other areas where we want players to interact with specific blocks, but not break them. It’s also going to help us set up protection for the shops. It’s called Simple Protection and it saved our server from a complicated set up that would have taken days to complete. I was honored to be a part of the testing and debugging process. (I got to break stuff!!)

Just a quick reminder that this server is running many mods in beta and even alpha stages. The possibility of crashes, corruption or lost progress does exist. So far, everything has been working beautifully, and I am backing the world up quite frequently, so we should be okay, even if disaster strikes. But be aware that disaster is possible, and we should enjoy every moment we have on the server like it’s our last. 😉

I plan to have a video up soon with a few clips from the spawn build and a tour of the amazingly beautiful spawn and a shout out to our spawn builders!